RJB Plans to Slay at City Center

RJB Plans to Slay at City Center

Dallas has a date with fashion as Rashida Brown of RJB Apparel debuts her latest collection along with many other designers at the Slay For A Cause Fashion Show on June 10 at the Dallas Marriott City Center.

Having been in business just over the half-year mark, RJB Apparel caters to youth and young adults in a world where peers can be cruel at times, creating wares that Brown hopes will help motivate, inspire and build self esteem. She now has made the decision to give back to her community in the best way she knows.


“After I launched my apparel line back in October of 2017 the day after my birthday, I knew that any show after my launch I wanted not only God to be in it, but I wanted it to be a show that I gave back to my community in some form of fashion,” she explained. “I wanted these fashion shows to not just be about me debuting my new collections, but to reach people in need. I have a huge heart for people and love helping any and everybody whether it be a stranger or someone I know. My goal for every show is to benefit one organization out of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Every year I want a cause to be attached to it and I want the proceeds to go directly to the organization.”

RJB Apparel was launched on October 28, 2017 in the form of a fashion show, which Rashida used as a platform to display her “Glow up” and “Loving the skin I’m In” collections. With the local support that her debut has earned, Brown plans to expand her line to swimwear, pajamas, activewear, and couture dress on top of her shirt apparel, and many of these new items will make their debut June 10 at Slay for a Cause.


In her quest to brighten the lives of others through her work, Brown made the move to help those truly in need by using the fashion show to benefit the Children’s Cancer Fund, a Dallas-based non-profit organization dedicated to helping pediatric cancer research and treatment programs in North Texas.

“I connected with the Children's Cancer Fund through social media and read up about the organization,” Brown said. “This organization would be a great one to benefit based on my vision for my show.”

If you’re in the Dallas area and want to attend, order your tickets online before they’re all gone.

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