Get Up and Get Glowing With Leah Frazier
Leah Frazier

Leah Frazier

If you’ve ever wished you had more time to get ready in the mornings, you’re not alone. No matter if you’re heading to the classroom or the boardroom, many women of color do their best to come prepared to slay the day. Thankfully, we were able to get in touch with Leah Frazier, owner of Dallas-based Diamond Icon to learn some routine hacks to give you more time to sleep, eat or to simply arrive looking flawless.

“Achieving a flawless finish should not take hours in the bathroom, 30 brushes, and a hundred products,” Frazier said. “For women limited on time, they should really only focus on showcasing polished eyebrows, a great blush, a little bit of eye-shadow and lip color to still look and feel great.”

Frazier knows a thing or two about beauty and style, having been named a top-25 influencer for Vogue Magazine, nominated for "Most Beautiful Woman in Dallas" in 2014 by and honored as one of Dallas' Most Successful Women of 2015. I think it's safe to say she's a trusted source.

Foundation is Key

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“One of the ways to cut down on time is to truly find a tinted moisturizer that provides both moisture and the necessary SPF to protect your skin from sun damage — yes, even women of color can get sun damage,” Frazier explained. “If you find a great tinted moisturizer, then you can ditch the lengthy process of applying foundation and foundation powder, because it will act as your facial moisturizer, sun protectant, and your foundation. The best on the market I’ve found so far is by Revision Skincare called the Intellishade Matte. This tinted moisturizer has technology that allows the product to change and match your skin color all the while providing a matte finish so that you can apply your other cosmetics directly on top.”

Frazier also suggested a full-coverage foundation that only requires a stroke or two from a brush and goes on lightly if you have time.

“The best on the market I’ve found is by Make Up Forever and it is the Ultra HD Foundation,” she elaborated. “You only have to apply one stroke of the foundation to your face. It goes on light, provides full coverage and only takes seconds to apply.”

Raise the Bar on Your Brows

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“Having great brows are a must to be able to put on a good face and go,” she explained. “It doesn’t matter how much makeup you apply, if your brows are terrible then they will detract from all of your other beautiful attributes. My ultimate suggestion is to take the time and invest in eyebrow microblading with a certified professional. I had microblading done a year ago and I haven’t had to do my brows (outside of formal events) for the entire year. I bump them with an eyebrow gel by Anastasia and go. Having microblading done has shaved off time from my beauty routine and I always get compliments no matter where I go.”

Invest in Multiples

When it comes to planning smart, Leah suggests multi-use makeup to simplify morning routines, but keep diverse options on the table.

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“Multiples are always the best bets for women on the go,” she said. “To have a product that triples as eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and more shaves down the process of applying a full face. The two best multiples on the market currently are the Nars Orgasm Multiple – perfect for any skin type, this cream-based multiple has a triple effect where it can be used as a blush, lipstick and/or eyeshadow. Feel free to blend with a brush or use your fingertips. When you’re pressed for time, this one product can do it all! And the Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick – available in multiple shades for all skin types, the Charlotte Tilbury beach stick is also cream-based and can be used as a highlighter, blush, lipstick and eyeshadow all in one. Never leave home without it!

Consider working these tips into your morning routine this season to save time and look great. Tag us in your selfies and let us know how you slay the day.

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