Rashida Brown is Back With A New Collection

As temperatures begin to settle as winter approaches, RJB Apparel returns to the runways as Rashida Brown and the Mint Foundation bring Vanity with a Chill to the DFW Metroplex on December 15 inside the Midlothian Conference Center.

Empowered by a flair for fashion, Rashida Brown is presenting her latest collection, which hints at inspiration from a specific female creative mind gaining traction in the media.

“My inspiration for this collection is Janelle Monae,” Brown exclaimed. “I'm doing a Janelle Monae inspired opening for this particular show, showcasing my bow tie collection. Her style is everything to me and I just love it. From the hats to the hairstyles, and blazers you will see it all in my opening.”


Brown is no stranger to blending charity with fashion, having hosted a fashion show earlier this year benefitting child cancer patients. This time, she aims to take the event to another level partnering with the Mint Foundation in asking guests to participate in a toy drive to provide gifts to children served by the foundation.

“This bowtie collection differs from my previous show because I used bling bow ties and each bow tie color represented a form of cancer,” she explained. “This time the bowties will be a different style and they will not represent a form of cancer. I also showcased apparel and kids swimwear at my last show, but I'm doing strictly bow ties and blazer looks this time around.”

Highlights from RJB’s Last fashion show

Brown chose The Mint Foundation because their mission connects with her desire to see change locally and to impact youth. The mission of The Mint Foundation is to empower children and families to be self-sustaining through education, training, mentoring and service. Brown is positioning herself to change the way Texas sees fashion, challenging her peers to seek community engagement over profit and spurring locals to use their own talents to give back.

The fashion show will be held on December 15 at 6:00 p.m. inside the Midlothian Conference Center located at 1 Community Drive in Midlothian, Texas. Tickets are on sale now for $20 at vwacfs.bpt.me or visit mintcares.org to learn more about the foundation.

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