Angela Brand and the Ladies of Queendom University

Recently, I attended a Queendom University event at Brick house Lounge in Arlington. I walked into the venue not knowing exactly what "Queendom" or its university would look like. Once inside, I was welcomed by Jolie Rashawn, who was celebrating her graduation from Queendom University. The decorations were black and shades of pink and fuchsia. There were banners with words of encouragement for every Queen. 

Before the speakers took the stage, I had an opportunity to talk with Tiffany Bradford, owner of Tiffany B. Collections, and stylist originally from Detroit now living in Dallas creating fashionable looks on any budget. I also met Natasha Hunter, owner of Chocolate Chick Apparel. Launched in 2014, Hunter's line specializes in accessories and t-shirts with urban messages as the theme.

The event kicked off with Angela AB Brand hitting the stage equipped with her own personal theme music and bubbly personality as she introduced herself to the audience as the creator and CEO of Queendom University. Brand began Queendom University in 2017, and in 2018 launched her four-city tour. Queendom University is an online program for women that desire counseling or life coaching. It also offers women courses to become certified life coaches or motivational speakers themselves. The blueprint for Queendom University started in 2009 when Angela Brand was a pastor. After four years, she decided to end her journey with ministry and reinvent herself. 

"I decided to close the church, tired of leading while bleeding," Brand explained. "I felt I could reach many more women outside of a church setting, so I left, got certified and started my own life coach program."

Courtesy photos

Courtesy photos

The mission statement of Queendom University is about taking ownership of your own life. The Queendom Take Over projects to each woman in attendance that "We are on a mission to empower and dominate." Brand tells women of all ages that when Queens show up they should be bold but beautiful, fierce but feminine, and understand the importance of accountability. Originally from North Carolina, Brand does her four-city tour in Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit and ending back in Charlotte. 

Brand has also written β€œThe Queendom Diaries,” which focuses on 12 different women who have written letters to their younger selves. Dallas native Catherine Mitchell, life coach and author graced the stage and gave the message that no matter what difficulties happen in life, we can still live in our purpose. She's an advocate for survivors of domestic violence, and very passionate about educating as many people about getting help and breaking the cycle of violence. 

Guest of honor, Jolie Rashawn is a model and recent graduate of Queendom University. She is launching her own business and non-profit organization called SCREAM, which focuses on mental health and wellness for men and women in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. As a new graduate, Rashawn will be working through her motivational speaking to help others in the north Texas area.

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