Shine with This Look for Summer

It’s feeling like summer time! As you know, summer is here and you can feel it, especially if you’re here in Austin, Texas — shoutout to the Longhorns. The sun rises a bit earlier and stays later. Apart from all the fun summer has to offer, we know the heat can get crazy, and that’s why I’m here — your personal Oliva Pope — to help you get ready for summer.

First things first — you’ll need to rearrange your closet. Clearing out your winter clothes to make room for the three month heatwave we can expect. Clearing your winter clothes doesn’t have to mean trashing them. You can always donate to Goodwill or set them aside to sell — check out our article on clearing out the clutter for more insight. What you do plan to keep from the colder seasons should be stored in such a manner that will not disarrange your summer clothes.   

As it gets hotter and hotter, there are some outfits and items that you should have in your closet ready to go. They are the must haves for summer, and I’ve got the inside scoop on what you need.

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The most important must have is a hot body. Hopefully, you’ve been checking out the fitness tips from our girl Danie Samuel. In the next entry, I will be sharing on the best place to shop for  great deals and affordable prices.

Till I come your way again ‘Stay pretty, Stay Black'

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