New Year, New Home: Clearing out the Clutter

New Year, New Home: Clearing out the Clutter

I know by now, you have already started your New Year’s resolutions. Some of your goals may be to eat healthier by cutting out sugar and junk food, removing negative influences in your life, or finally making the decision to do “the big chop” to get rid of your chemically processed hair. But a huge part in your resolutions should be getting rid of the clutter in your home.

A cluttered home can make a very stressful life, and it has also been linked to anxiety. Let’s say you get home from an already stressful day at work, you walk in the door, set your keys down on your entryway table, close your eyes and take a deep breath. When you open your eyes, you look around and see magazines on every table in the living room and dining room. Your bookshelf has now accumulated children’s toys, hair products, and every candle you got for Christmas LAST year. Suddenly you feel anxiety and pressure, and just let out a high-pitched scream. Sure, it may sound extreme but it is proven that clutter in your life, clutters your mind.

I am here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can be at peace in a home clear of clutter in 2018, and I’m going to give you some tips on how to do just that.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

One place that often collects clutter is your nightstand. Take time and clean it up! Photo by Jeff Sheldon

One place that often collects clutter is your nightstand. Take time and clean it up! Photo by Jeff Sheldon

This phrase has mainly been used to describe the process of forgetting things that need to be done, but in this case you want the clutter to be out of your sight, so that you can free your mind. Instead of sticking things in your coat closet, the first way to get rid of clutter is to throw things away — like those paper pile-ups of old bills, receipts, and junk mail. Seasonal decorations you don’t even use anymore. Old coats, broken kitchen appliances, and the things that just pile up in your entryway every time you come in the house. If it doesn’t hold any value, and it is old and no longer being used –throw it out! There is no reason you should be holding on to a New Year’s tiara from the 90s…I love Prince, but no one is partying like it’s 1999 in 2018.

Sell it or Donate it

If it’s something of value in excellent condition, but you have duplicates of the item, or you just don’t have a use for it anymore, there are plenty of places online to sell items that you no longer need. You can try putting up a Craigslist Ad, making an EBay account, or even downloading an Letgo. For Letgo, all you have to do is sign up with your email and zip code, upload a picture of the item, and set a price. They have great secondhand finds at affordable prices — you can even find some things that are brand new. But because we are trying to get rid of things, I’d ignore the urge to shop and just sell. Do you have too many books on your bookshelf? Donate them, or take them to Half Price Books. Go through your and your children’s closets, and find all the clothes you no longer wear or cannot fit and donate them to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. There are plenty of people in need that you can lend a helping hand to. There’s always a blessing waiting for you when you give and you will feel such joy in knowing you helped someone.

Organization is Key

Once you’ve thrown everything out and given items away, it’s now time to organize. Keep those storage bins for the big items, or items you still have in bulk. Use the bins for the things you do wear but just aren’t in season, like summer clothes. Invest in some under-bed storage bins, like the ones that roll and slide right under your bed at your local Walmart.

Your bookshelf is not only for books. Bring some style to your home by leaving some books on the shelves but also adding items like plants, small baskets, and cute décor. Once you have shredded and thrown out all the papers you don’t need, take the remaining papers and file them away. Set up a system in a large bin with file dividers, use mason jars in your pantry, and small plastic bins to organize snacks in your refrigerator. The ways to organize your home are limitless. If you do not have the time or have never really been good at it and your budget allows, hire someone. We have some great options for professional organizers right here in Austin, Tx like Moxie Space. Check out their reviews!

This year, I am noticing many people definitely want to make some huge improvements on their way of life as a whole. I, myself, have definitely started this process before the new year, and it starts with purging everything that is not meant to be in your life. So whether it is unhealthy food, negative energy, or clutter in your home –do it! You’ll feel so much better, and relaxed. Let’s welcome 2018 with positive energy, and be dedicated to living our lives to the fullest with healthier bodies, homes, and minds.

Rebekah Lynn is a Chicago native bringing her Windy City flair to Austin. She's a freelance writer, licensed cosmetologist, and mompreneur. When she isn't following the latest trends in fashion and beauty, she is being a devoted mother to her children and exploring new ways to decorate and organize her home. You can follow her on Instagram at @xo_rebekahlynn.