City Theatre to Present 'All My Sons'

How far would a man go to protect his family from the past? Arthur Miller’s award-winning stage classic tells the story of patriarch Joe Keller, desperately wanting to keep the financial security of his family and the legacy he spent so many years building, but the dark shadows of his business, those hurt and punished, and the hopeful arrival of a son who may not return from the war create an American family in a tragic downfall of lies, greed, love, and loss.

Joe Keller, the father, is a blue-collar self-made man, motivated by a sense of loyalty to his family. After some shady business dealings sent his friend, Steve Deever to prison, Joe seeks to escape the past and to deny the fateful series of events that threaten his business, his family, and his freedom. In contrast, his son, Chris, finds it impossible to escape the past, finding no meaning in the shallow upper middle-class concerns or in the consumerism of post-war America upon his return home.

This gripping and emotional story demands its audience examine the definition of social and personal responsibility, and the distance we may travel in search of the American dream, and The City Theatre Company is bringing this classic to life in Austin from May 11 through June 3.

“All My Sons” examines the failures of the American Dream, as well as the self-destructive nature of the pursuit of that ideal while focusing on themes of death and responsibility.

Fans of theatre can purchase tickets at their website or by phone at 512-524-2870.

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