Guapo Noir Releases ‘Everything Custom’

Guapo Noir Releases ‘Everything Custom’

Dallas has a new face on the rap scene as air-traffic-controller-turned-emcee Guapo Noir released his debut single, “Everything Custom,” the first installment to his upcoming project, “The Bearded Anthology.”


“It’s a song about individuality, exclusivity and cut-and-sew fashion,” Guapo said. “I’m talking about a lifestyle of luxury – about stunting and being fly. The music video has a bunch of high-performance shots to reinforce that idea.”

The New York native had previously been an air traffic controller, but this year he made the decision to leave his stations — and the six-figure salary — behind to chase his dream of living the life of a rapper. His passion has since landed him in the Lone Star State, where Guapo hopes to bring his New York flare to southern beats to bring forth a different sound to help him stand out.

“I was just unhappy and I couldn’t do it anymore, even though I was making $170,000 a year,” he said. “Nothing makes me feel like music does. I really believe I was born to do it. My vast experiences and travels as an airman and basketball player allow me to be able to rap about whatever, from many different perspectives. From the streets of New York, to Afghanistan, to corporate America – I’ve done it all. I’ve always wanted to infuse the lyricism of New York with the cadences, melodies and booming bass lines of the South. I don’t sound like anything going on in the industry right now.”

Guapo plans to release “The Bearded Anthology later this month, and Black Texas will be there to give it a listen.

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