Spefy Releases Visual For Latest Single

Texas’ own Spefy is back in front of the camera with his latest single, “Get The Bag Tote The Mag,” following a packed performance in Austin during South By Southwest (SXSW) in anticipation for his upcoming project.

The Austin-based rapper comes from a rough upbringing, growing up in Galveston, but found respite through sports during his childhood.

“[I] grew up in a single-mother household in the projects called Palm Terrace, which was Blood Territory on the island of Galveston,” Spefy explained. “[We] did a lot of traveling up to the age of 18 playing basketball for a few AAU teams & college, which kept me out of more trouble than I would have been in like many of my friends.”

Spefy has been working the mic since 2014, with some of his biggest influences being artists like Fabolous, Houston’s own S.U.C., and the Lil B, along with Spefy’s own cousins who initially got him into rap by teaching him to freestyle. This latest single is reflects some of that influence while telling of Spefy’s own clout.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

“‘Get The Bag Tote The Mag’" is a lifestyle song for those who know ‘More money, more problems,’ especially in a day-and-age where people don't want to work for it,” Spefy said. “[You] might want to tote the mag with you, or you might just get the bag and get a lot of attention and new friends and women that are only there because you have a bag.”

Fans of Spefy were able to hear the single ahead of the visual premier when he performed at Nook Amphitheater on 6th Street and the Texas Music Ranch during SXSW, both times to packed crowds. Outside of SXSW, the single has gained traction, getting the attention of celebrities like adult film star Cherokee D’Ass who shared the video with her 2.7 million Instagram followers before using the single during an event she hosted in Los Angeles.

With the momentum picking up, Spefy is expecting to drop his debut album on his birthday next month, April 10.

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