Your Ultimate Guide to Austin Fashion Week 2018

Your Ultimate Guide to Austin Fashion Week 2018

It's that time of year again: Fashion Week. 5th generation Austinite Matt Swinney founded Fashion X (read Fashion By) 10 years ago. He filled a void and brought the fashion industry to a city known for its unique street style. To celebrate, Fashion X is hosting 10 unique events in 2018.

The first of these events was in February, Fashion X Lonestar. This unique first was located at the secret chic venue of 800 Congress (not S Congress). The industrial vibe was a fantastic canvas for the collections of Austin designer Gail Chovan, Houston designer Nha Khanh, and Dallas designer Nicholas Nguyen. The next event was nothing short of iconic: an Austin City Limits and Fashion X Austin crossover at KLRU in Studio 6A. The intimate setting was fun, lighthearted, and real. Arie X Avie presented during a 30-minute set by The Mrs. with real moms and their real kids, not professional models.

Photos by Kaitlin Blaylock

Photos by Kaitlin Blaylock

“ARIE X AVIE is a new clothing line that targets young mothers who want their children to be just as fashionable as they are. Finding equally chic styles for your little one has always been an extensive google search – until now. ARIE X AVIE is a one stop shop for trendy, versatile fashion for mothers and daughters,” writes founder and NFL wife Leah Harris. After a brief intermission, ALBA presented during a Saul Paul interactive set. He performed improv pieces, writing a song with the audience, freestyling with models, and even pulling an unknown elevator performer on stage with him.

“ALBA is a team of passionate visionaries whose creativity is fueled by giving back through the art of fashion. With decades of experience, our designers and master tailors deliver the highest quality of bespoke clothing for elite professionals in sports, business and entertainment,” writes founder Jhoanna Alba.

So what's next for Fashion X?

Shops, spas, and boutiques in the downtown district will have DJs, snacks, trunk shows, and other promotional fun you don't want to miss. Soirees are scheduled through April 4. Runways resume on Thursday, April 5 in partnership with the Bernina Fashion Fund.

For the first time, designers will compete live for the prize, with judges Amy Sherfinski, Director of Marketing BERNINA of America, Camille Styles, Gail Chovan, Fashion Designer, Lance Avery Morgan, Publisher of The Society Diaries, Gunnar Deatherage, Fashion Designer, Korto Momolu, Fashion Designer, and Kaki Gaines, Luxury Manager of The RealReal. Korto will also be presenting a collection, alongside Samantha Plasencia and Adrienne Yunger. Competitors to watch include Shavanthe, Shusi, and Alexandra Lee Designs.

Fashion X Austin 10th Annual Kickoff Live!

Friday's Runway is star-studded with Project Runway Allstar Gunnar Deatherage presenting. The new venue, Vault Space, has created a 92-foot long catwalk, the largest in Fashion X history. This evening is dedicated to benefitting the Dell Children's Hospital, and honoring style setter Kirstin Ross. Other collections to see this evening include Maison Jolie, League of Rebels, and Amberleaf. The capsule collections may be small, but they are engineered to whet the appetite, to leave you wanting more.

Saturday's Runway is to benefit The Rise School of Austin, honoring style setter Venus Strawn. Collections to look for include Project Runway Allstar Amanda Valentine, the Austin School of Fashion Design, and Nomzee Designs. Saturday's Runway is the final event of Fashion Week, but not the last of the year. Though dates remain to be determined, Fashion X is planning to bring back Moda X, Active, Golden Boots, and Mash Up to complete 10 events for 10 years of Fashion X.

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