Iggy Azalea May Have Found her 'Savior'

Iggy Azalea May Have Found her 'Savior'

Iggy Azalea is back with a new single that’s ready to ring in warm weather, but there may be a dark cloud in the singer’s skies as rumors build up behind the scenes.

With a little help from Quavo, of the Migos team, Azalea is back on the scene with a smooth single with island vibes that may be a smash this spring and summer. “Savior,” produced by Manhun Glow and Cirkut, leads with a nod to Puff Daddy’s “Been Around the World” (or possibly to Lisa Stansfield’s “All Around the World, which Puffy borrowed from) on top of steel drums and a kick to get the hips moving.

After a rough 2017, where Iggy saw her singles “Switch” and “Mo Bounce” flop hard enough to put her sophomore on pause completely, “Savior” has received a warmer welcome — even getting featured in a Super Bowl ad. It would appear that she’s done some soul searching while she was away.

"I wrote it at a really heavy period in my life where I'd had a lot of changes that had happened overnight," she told iHeartRadio in regards to the single, which is expected to be on her Surviving the Summer album. "I'd had a big breakup, and my career wasn't going well, and I sort of found myself in this space where everything that I was used to, just my day to day routine, had abruptly stopped. And I just didn't know how to get my life back together, or what my life looked like with all of these changes, and how to get a routine going again, and just how to get my happiness back and feeling normal. So that was the space that I was in when I wrote this song."

It would appear that Azalea’s return may not be as smooth as she’d hoped, and that has to do with the mystery of the single’s production. Prior to the song’s release, word quickly spread that Dr. Luke was attached to the project, despite the damage done to his career when Kesha accused the songwriter and producer of rape and abuse in 2014. Since then, Dr. Luke has only had minor credits, usually attached to Cirkut, who is signed to Dr. Luke’s publishing company Prescription Songs. Azalea was quick to distance herself from Luke, but that didn’t explain why he was given credit on the song. Since the backlash, many streaming sites have removed Dr. Luke’s credit, and in its place there’s a much more curious name listed: Manhun Glow. This sudden change has left fans wondering two things: Why was Dr. Luke listed and subsequently removed from the credits? Who is Manhun Glow?

A quick Google search for Manhun Glow comes up empty handed — no producer credits, no interviews, no person with the name. Nada. To quote Azalea’s single, “been around the world and I, I, I….I can’t find” Manhun Glow. But if you’re reading this out loud, you may have caught on to the possible key to the mystery. If you move the “G” in “Glow” to the end of “Manhun,” then you’re left with the new name, “Man Hung Low.” So it’s very well possible that after Dr. Luke’s presence was announced, someone asked him to use a pseudonym — a request he may have obliged with a dick joke.

Despite the rumor mill turning behind the scenes, “Savior” may be the boost she needs to get back into the spotlight.

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