Big Sean Announces Unfriendly Reminder Tour

“Before I step into this new chapter of music, I was really sitting and reflecting on the past 10 years and all we’ve accomplished. I had to go back in and listen to all the old mixtapes and albums, and I was like ‘damn man, a lot of this stuff didn’t get the true shine.’ So with the platform I have now, I thought it would be perfect to revisit a lot of the old music as well as the new classics on my next tour. But I’m gonna give you guys the opportunity to chose my setlist on this tour. Can’t wait to hit the road. #UnfriendlyReminderTour

Big Sean has announced that he is going back on tour and we couldn’t be more excited. The Unfriendly Reminder Tour is set to begin April 12 and run through June 3, with three stops in Texas. He will be going on tour with Playboi Carti, Shy Glizzy and Gashi, so the lineup is pretty stacked. He is also allowing fans to choose his set list to showcase the last 10 years of Big Sean’s musical career instead of focusing on a specific album, which means songs that he collaborated on are fair game. We'll also be getting some Twenty88 performances which I know many people are really excited for.


This tour is unique in the sense that this is kind of like a reunion tour of sorts. Here he is giving us the opportunity to hear songs like “Million Dollars” and “My Last” several years later. It’s going to be interesting to hear some of his earlier songs played today especially since Big Sean is a rapper whose verses and albums reflect his current life and situation.  So, to hear him spit these verses after maturing or moving on will be not only fun and exciting for Big Sean, but for the fans as well.

Tickets are already on sale and selling fast, so grab your tickets before they’re gone.


Olutomi Subulade is a writer and poet. She currently has an art installation at Project Row Houses in Houston Tx.  When she’s not writing for others enjoyment, you can find her trying to be funny on twitter. You can visit her on Instagram & Twitter @heyitstomi.