Hair Zone: The Journey to Natural Hair


If you have been observant over the past year, you will notice that many African American ladies (African American) are going natural. It’s the movement right now. At the Golden Globes Awards, Viola Davis, who I love so much in “How to Get away With Murder,” rocked her natural hair on the red carpet.

Natural hair due to my personal observation has a way of making ladies look cute, pretty and younger. That’s why I myself joined the natural hair team. Besides, there’s nothing like having own your hair (those weaves they sell aren’t cheap if you know what I mean). For most ladies, including me, going natural is nice but to be sincere— I am not trying to be mean or hateful you will also observe that it doesn’t always look nice on everyone.

Natural hair is cute, but, it’s also a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Those of you who are team natural will understand what I mean by hard and sacrifice. Also, ladies who are already natural, we all know that “wash day” is not a very pleasant day., I wish I could just close my eyes and open them and have the hair already washed and conditioned. There are times I just want to add relaxer or chop off my hair because of the pain, but I just have to be still and keep my eyes on the prize (which is a beautiful head of hair like the pictures above).

The reason why natural hair looks cute on others and not on some is mainly due to maintainers. Natural hair needs lots and lots of TLC and patience. It’s not something that can happen overnight — it’s a process. That’s the hard work and sacrifice I talked about earlier.

If you are thinking of going natural, don’t be scared. Like I said before, natural can be very cute. The journey can be painful, but they say “beauty is pain” and at the end of the day it is all worth it. It’s better to have shining, healthy and bouncing hair that you can be proud of and you know is yours, than to spend so much money for a dead weave on your head.

Photo by Brian Fraser.

Photo by Brian Fraser.

I will be sharing my sincere natural hair journey with you. Notice, I said “sincere” — no gimmicks. I recently went natural less than 3 months ago, and my hair is in a self-discovery stage because it’s still new. I am experimenting with lots of products to see which best suits my hair.

In the next entry, I will be sharing with you guys the ways in which you can grow a healthy hair. I will be giving lots of tips so you don’t want to miss it. Welcome to the journey., The next entry will be more detailed and fun. If you are considering going natural, my advice to you is “yes you can.” If I can go natural, you too can. Don’t wish it — determine and go for it. It might be tough, but the end result is so worth it.

Till we meet “stay natural, stay pretty and stay BLACK.”

Winifred pours a lot of passion and emotion into her writing. Having lived on three different continents, she believes fashion plays a great role in making a girl’s life interesting. Winnie has a bachelor's degree in Linguistics and a master’s degree in communication from Cyprus International University. She hopes to ear a doctorate in communication and journalism.