The Feminine Perspective: Part One

In the everlasting pursuit of understanding the female mind, the journey is filled with twists and turns and contradictions and confusion. But fear not! We’ve done our fair share of the work. We surveyed more than 50 women to get a better understanding of the feminine perspective. Obviously, women are not a monolith, so take our findings as you may. This is the first entry of a series focused on the feminine perspective.

Playing the field

For men trying to find the single ladies, it looks like the best bet is in their pocket. Just over 40 percent of women said that they prefer to meet men digitally. More than 30 percent of women said they prefer dating apps, while only five percent said they go to Facebook to meet men — so chances are, your future fiancé isn’t on your friends list. But there is hope for those hoping for actual interaction. One third of women said they go to social outings to meet men,

“I don’t necessarily go to Facebook to meet men,” one Dallas-area woman explained. “But my past two serious relationships started by us having mutual friends and getting to know each other after becoming Facebook friends. So I’d say it’s becoming a habit. I’ve done the whole dating app thing, and I’m just not about it because it’s mainly men looking for sex.”

Not all about the Benjamins


Despite what City Girls may lead you to believe, most women aren’t as focused on a man’s finances as it may often seem. While money is still a leading factor when women weigh their options, 71 percent of women said that a man’s looks are more important than his money. With that in mind, 62 percent of women say the first thing they notice about a man is his face — so drink more water to keep clear skin. One of the women who did say that money was more important elaborated on her decision.

“It’s not so much about his bank account, but his career goals, determination, and hard work that would ultimately lead to financial success,” she said. “Looks have never been a huge factor to me so that’s why I chose money.”

Trust is critical

We’ve all seen the memes and heard the jokes; men will take their phone’s password to the grave. But with most women, this isn’t the case. A massive 85 percent of women said they have no problem with their significant other having the password to their phone, though just over half of those women included the stipulation that their partner had to share their password as well.

The nudes


Much to the chagrin of men across the state, women generally don’t care how the request is made — they don’t want to be asked for nude pictures. While many women were more open to the idea of sending salacious selfies once they were in a relationship with the person, the approach is always important for the women that are willing to participate.

“It depends on the relationship,” one surveyed woman explained. “If it’s the first thing you want to say to someone, just keep your mouth shut. It’s always inappropriate in that sense. Same if you know she’s into someone else or already seeing someone else. Don’t be that guy. If you know the woman and there’s an obvious vibe between y’all, start with dirty talk and just lead up to it. It is honestly all about the approach.”

One surveyed woman added to that sentiment, giving an example of how men could go about asking for these intimate images once the foundation has been established.

“If she wants you bad enough then she’ll send it,” she explained. “If you are exclusive then say something flattering like ‘you look so sexy when you wear this.’ Then be specific with it by adding something like, ‘It really shows off those curves I love so much.’ Then ask for a photo.”

Gettin’ Down to Business

Women generally seem to have their sexual urges more in check than their male counterparts. When asked about how often they “handle business” on their own, nearly half of respondents reported that they paddle the pink kayak one to three times a week. On the other hand, nearly 16 percent claimed to ring the downstairs doorbell daily. 

Additionally, 37 percent of women surveyed would describe their sexual personality as either “a little adventurous, willing to explore” or “experienced, and enjoy playing on the wild side sometimes,” and 20 percent claimed to be “ready for whatever.”

If you’ve got questions you think we should ask women send them here. And if you’re a woman that would like to be included in the next survey, you can check it out here. All participants are kept anonymous, and answers aggregated for percentages.

Nick Bailey is a forward thinking journalist with a well-rounded skill set unafraid to take on topics head on. He now resides in Austin, TX and continues to create content on a daily basis.