20 Questions with Mercy Bovik

Austin’s ZACH Theatre has long been known for its talented teams of creative individuals from over the years. From gripping productions like Tribes and Notes From the Field to mesmerizing fairytales like Disney’s Beauty and The Beast and even lighthearted fare like Tortoise and Hare, audiences have seen immense talent grace the stage, and their production of Matilda is no different.

We were lucky enough to ask some of the production’s rising stars a few questions to get to know the kids behind Matilda, including Mercy Bovik who has been in numerous productions including Les Miserables (Young Eponine); Charlotte’s Web (Fern); Annie (Duffy); and Tortoise and Hare (Britney and Kabri). She is also a member of ZACH’s Pre-Professional Company and studies voice with Josh Weschler at ZACH Academy.

20 Questions with Mercy Bovik

Mercy Bovik

Mercy Bovik

  1. How old are you? I am 15 years old.

  2. What's your favorite food? Spinach Tamales.

  3. What makes you smile? Traveling, my family, good food & musical theater.

  4. Who inspires you? The person who most inspires me is my mother. She’s so full of life, and has such a great view on living.

  5. What is your favorite animal? I love goats, especially baby goats. They are so cute and springy.

  6. What's your Superhero name and what powers do you have? My superhero name is Agent Zero. My superpower is invisibility. I sometimes use it to avoid chores at home.

  7. How do you best help others? Trying to be kind and patient as much as possible.

  8. What are you most thankful for? My family and my teachers.

  9. What's your favorite place in Austin? South Congress Avenue, the stores there are so cool!

  10. What's your favorite thing to do with your parents? Hiking In the green belt and going on picnics.

  11. What's it like performing in front of other kids? I find it to be super exciting, because of their honest reactions and laughter!

  12. What makes you feel confident on stage? The audience’s reaction.

  13. How do you prepare for showtime? Stretching and drinking lots of water.

  14. Who is your favorite cast member? Paul Sanchez. Not only is he a fantastic actor and singer, he is really, really funny!

  15. What character makes you laugh the most? Mr. Wormwood, played by Andre Martin.

  16. What made you want to get into acting? When I was about six years old, I took a dance class at Zach, where I was noticed by Ms. Jen. She suggested I take some acting classes, which I also loved. Ever since, I have been taking classes and performing in shows every year at Zach theater.

  17. How has ZACH Theatre helped you develop as an actor? Zach Theater has helped me develop the confidence and skills to speak clearly, lucidly, and thoughtfully. And of course, the musical theater training I have received has helped me to do what I love best!

  18. What's your favorite thing about acting? That I get to play different people, and wear fantastic costumes, and that I get to share my singing, acting and dance with the audience!

  19. Do you ever get nervous on stage? Sometimes, but not always. Usually I do before Opening Night, or when the theater critics are invited!

  20. What's one role you'd love to play someday? Éponine in Les Misérables. I played Young Éponine several years ago when Les Mis was performed at the Topfer Theater.

Tickets for ZACH Theater’s Matilda the Musical, are currently on sale, and the show will run in The Topfer at ZACH until May 12, 2019. Feature photo by Kirk Tuck.

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