Slim Thug Lives Large With 'The World is Yours'

Coming a long way from “Headed to the Kappa,” and following the success of “American King,” Slim Thug has done it again with his 10th studio album, “The World is Yours” (TWIY), and he has truly outdone himself once again. If you’re a fan of Slim and have been following his social media presence then you may have noticed that the artwork on the album cover comes right from his backyard, including his statue paying tribute to Tony Montana.


With features from Rick Ross, Big Krit, Paul Wall, Z-Ro and up and coming producer Cam Wallace, Slim was able to capture a grown Houston vibe. The entire album gives a feel of riding through the city of H-town from beginning to end. This album reflects the lifestyle of a grown man who is still prospering in the rap game. He is 37, so there are several things he talks about that he just doesn’t do anymore. On track “Run For It” featuring 52 savage Slim says, “the youngsters are calling me OG so I guess I got to show em what my OG’s showed me.” The album does have the normal go-to records like “Ringing” featuring Cam Wallace and Sauce Walka that talk about flashy things, money and girls, but for the most part each song has a message on how to “get better” and elevate yourself — how to think, talk, act like and become a boss. Not to mention the boss of all bosses collaboration between him and Rick Ross.

Slim was able to hold on to his Houston roots but provide a different sound with the help of producer Cam Wallace. “The World Is Yours is my version of Already Platinum 2," Thug said in an interview with Complex. "There is no Neptune production, but if you listen you can hear a few songs have that type of vibe to them; especially the ones produced by Cam Wallace (like 'TRAP') who produced five records on TWIY. TWIY wasn’t made to ride the waves of today. I want to give the fans who have been craving another Already Platinum album something to listen to.”

Starting with the first track, “TWIY,” Slim uses a sample from “Scarface,” immediately followed with letting you know he is a boss and he works stating ‘shine hard cause I grind hard.’

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