Emotional Survival & Resiliency Building Program for Houston Communities

Emotional Survival & Resiliency Building Program for Houston Communities

Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation’s (TWEF) has launched an Emotional Survival & Resiliency Building program to support Houstonians impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The program is being led by TWEF ambassador Dr. Sherry Blake, a nationally renowned licensed clinical psychologist and advice columnist for Essence Magazine. Funded by the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, the first community forum, “I Am A Survivor” will be held on Monday, March 26, 2018 and the program will continue to run until December 2018 or as needed, reaching communities in need at schools, churches and community centers. 

In the aftermath of Harvey, the Emotional Survival & Resiliency Building program makes sure children of all ages get the care they need. Trauma impacts children differently, so the program will be modified based on the demand. The program will consist of three phases, which incorporate art activities, hands-on interaction, and meditation strategies depending on the age of the children. During the first phase, children will learn how to process devastating events. The second phase will focus on developing coping skills with the use of wellness strategies. During the third phase, children will gain the capacity they need to recover and enhance resiliency. After all three phases, they will be able to use what they learn and apply it to any situation. 

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With 50 years of experience, Dr. Sherry and colleague Dr. Adrienne Bradford from Atlanta will train 20 counselors in trauma, and the trained team will work towards relieving Houston flood victims from emotional distress and help them rebuild a healthy mental state. The ultimate goal is to restore the community’s health and well-being following a catastrophic event. 

"I am extremely grateful to use my experience in clinical psychology to work with those that are struggling emotionally, especially the children impacted by Hurricane Harvey,” said Dr. Sherry. “It’s important that we give children a voice and opportunity to overcome the trauma.” 

In conjunction with the program, TWEF will offer services and assistance to an array of flood victims throughout Houston. During the program, TWEF will reach out to community leaders to help relief the children’s families. To restore dignity and self-assurance, TWEF will be accepting gift cards that will go directly to families in need. TWEF will also provide empowerment classes for the youth along with workshops and disaster preparation in home training for the frail and the elderly. 

“The impact of Harvey was felt all over and thousands of flood victims are still suffering," Deavra Daughtry, Founder of TWEF, added. "With the launch of this program, we will reach communities that are in need throughout Houston and provide them with the tools they need to keep going.” 

For more information about the services provided by TWEF, please visit www.TWEF.org or contact Deavra Daughtry at 832-434-5325

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